The success stories of influential business leaders fascinate us. While we talk and emphasize their requisite business skills in contributing to their success, it is worth noting other developed personality traits.

The success or failure of your business will be largely determined by the quality of your personality traits you display running the business.

Here are 4 essential personality traits you must develop to build a successful business.


Your potential to achieve what you most desire in business is directly related to your self–confidence. You can achieve anything when you believe in yourself and capabilities.

Your level of self-confidence shows you are competent at what you do, and this helps you gain the confidence of others, as most people are reluctant to back a project that is being pitched by someone who is nervous and fumbling.

You must learn to overcome self-doubt, shyness and low self–esteem in dealing with people and doing business.

You must be someone who speaks clearly, who holds his or her head high and who answers questions assuredly. This has an effect on your thinking, causing your outlook to be positive and enables you to have the right attitude to succeed in business.

Successful business people are confident personalities who have a healthy self-image and they believe in their ability. They show it in their body language, behaviour, how they speak, and what they say.


In doing business, you must learn how to face your fear of failure and the fear of criticism, deal with them and overcome them. Great business success comes from taking calculated risks.

You must have the courage to make decisions and to take action in the face of doubt and uncertainty with no guarantees of success. Staying in your comfort zone and fearing failure grounds and stops you from taking advantage and seizing opportunities that will advance your business interests.

Influential businessmen and women have courage as one of their most valued and admired traits, and it remains a key characteristic of many leaders. They face their fears and take action in spite of their fears even when there is a chance of loss or failure.

Resolve today to develop the trait of courage by behaving courageously and boldly with difficult people and situations. Cowards do not become business leaders, it is only men and women who are bold who make it in business.


The one thing that is inevitable in business is a crisis. Businessmen and women move in and out of setbacks, failures, and disappointments. Your ability to respond positively and effectively to a failure or crisis shows the true mark of a business leader.

To keep going, you must learn how to pick yourself up and bounce back from the inevitable setbacks, disappointments, and temporary failures you will experience.

The capacity to do this requires you develop resilience which makes you strong and unwavering in the face of adversity. This strength is what you need to fuel your inner man and cause you to stay in there and not give up and to keep trying again and again until you prevail. You need to be mentally tough to surmount the difficult moments in business.

Accomplished business leaders are resilient and optimistic people who look for and maximize the good in every situation. When something goes wrong they look for what is worthwhile in it and take the advantage it may offer.

You must develop the ability to look for the opportunity in every difficulty.


The quality of your leadership is the most important single factor in determining business success or failure.

You must have a clear picture of the kind of future you want to create for the business and have the ability to communicate this vision to your team in an exciting and inspiring way. Your team members will look up to you for direction and you must always know what to do and be a step ahead of them.

Develop the ability to anticipate opportunities before anyone else sees them and assemble resources to take advantage when the opportunity presents itself and also anticipate setbacks in key areas, and consider and adequately plan for them.

You must inspire and motivate your team to do more and to aim for maximum productivity. Your response in a difficult situation sets the tone for the business as everyone watches to see what you will do. Thus, you must be calm, cool and controlled in the face of problems, difficulties, and setbacks.

You must be decisive, open to ideas and inputs from others and accept responsibility and refuse to make excuses.

Influential businessmen and women are great and visionary leaders.

In your quest for success, the importance of developing these qualities cannot be over emphasized. All great business leaders have these qualities which enable them to build enviable businesses. The world is waiting for you. It is your turn to also cultivate and develop these four personal traits to be successful in business.

By: Charles Anyomi

Founder/President, Africa Entrepreneur Conference


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