This is an interesting topic in that no one accepts a tag of a hater and it’s funny that haters can also be hated on. I would like to bring out why nice supportive people can develop negative emotions towards others and how we should thrive not to be in a box of haters.

As you start succeeding everyone will celebrate you. When you join a new company colleagues will often welcome you with joy, when you start a new company most of your family and friends will cheer you on. Everything will be rosy until when you exceed their expectations, hatred will then start brewing in their hearts. They will cheer you on until you start succeeding. The more successful you become the more they hate you and it includes close friends and family. If you join a company and one year down the line everyone loves you then there is a possibility that you are not a factor in anyway, if you start a business and everyone is happy for you then know that it is not making an impact yet, if you start any career in sports, music, acting etc and no one is talking ill of you then you are too average to be noticed.

The main reason for hate towards people who are succeeding emanates from the need for significance. Anyone who seems to be taking on a role of significance is hated because their success is viewed as the reason for the hater’s failure. Hyenas cannot stand the fact that all eyes are on the Lion, and they hate the Lion just because Lions are unconsciously attention snatchers.

If some people are hating you for no apparent reason then know that you are progressing well because you will never be criticized by someone doing better than, you will always be criticized by someone doing less than you who would wish to be you. Ignore the hate and sojourn. I have heard crazy stories about myself before that have made me question whether it is me they were talking about or maybe it is another Dumisani because I was not related in any way with the story. I have learned to ignore as such I would encourage you to ignore people talking behind your back because they are cleared behind you.

My massage to haters is that Comparison is a thief of happiness, in fact it is the biggest insult to your being. You do not have to be the best in order to be successful! It is true that jealousy people never win………… I would like you to be a winner.

By: Dumisani Ncube
Founder/Group Chairman DNL Technology

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