I have often had people come to my office to ask me the business they can start and whenever I get asked such a question, I already know you not an entrepreneur, you need to go and look for a job.

Then there is another set of people who have the money and often ask; “what business can I start with this X amount of money”? Still, you are not an entrepreneur, you might be an investor. If you can get mentorship, you might know what kind of the investor you are so that you can get a viable business to put your money in and get your returns on your investment.

Firstly, entrepreneurs don’t have money which is seating around in a 32 days notice generating absolutely next to nothing, we generate it and multiply through certain types of investment vehicles to make more money.

Secondly, entrepreneurs build cash reserves by paying themselves first and negotiate payment methods to deal with debtors, creditors, and suppliers, etc.

Thirdly, Entrepreneurs are never short of ideas, they have loads of them. They see money in their dreams and can barely sleep with the wires of money and ideas in their heads. If this doesn’t happen in your body, don’t stress about it. It’s not you, you are not designed in that way. You are designed for something great but it might not be entrepreneurship. Find that which you are called to do and do it exceptionally well. You will be successful.

By Carol Mhlauli
Founder/Group CEO, Masazie Holdings


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