On Wednesday, October 9 and in Kigali, Rwanda, youth from across the continent of Africa gathered for the YOUTHCONNEKT AFRICA SUMMIT and amidst us at the youth summit was a musician I have never heard of called Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie better known by his stage name Patoranking, a Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter. A very talented and popular musician in Nigeria and West Africa.

Patoranking was the special guest of Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda to perform at the summit. The kagali areana, the venue for the summit went with huge shouts and applause when his name was mentioned to take the stage to perform apparently from the West African delegates who know him.

My friend from South Africa and Myself coming from Uganda were wondering who the chap is as West Africans continued in shouting and applauding for him. The question on my mind was: whoever he is, let him show me if he came to Kigali to meet us fellow entrepreneurs with his value. For my friend and myself, we didn’t care who he is, we just wanted him to take the microphone and prove to us his value or else it’s none of our business. Truly, he showed us his value by the virtue of his pure talent. He unveiled to us his new song about African economy called “OPEN THEM THE BOARDERS” and his message sang into our hearts and spirits but until then, we never heard about him and didn’t know who he was.

This serves as a lesson in life and in business; never assume the world knows you no matter the results you command. It is this reason why I introduce myself fully to every single person I meet anywhere I go in my country Uganda and across the continent, and its up to the person to say to me, “Paul don’t introduce yourself, I know you”.

Even if you are President Obama, you must tell your story and who you’re in life and what you’re up to because in reality, almost nobody knows you. And every time, give your best impression as a human all the time. It took Patoranking to introduce himself to my friend and I for us to know that he even exists despite being famous in Nigeria.

I get people inbox me and the first question I ask: tell me about you. It’s always surprising that some will rather get angry at the question yet its his job to tell the world who he is..

Its everyone’s job to sell himself and his business at all times because you never know who is listening to invest in your business… I think I like Patoranking now.

By Paul Mugumya Jnr
Founder/Group CEO, April Logistics

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