I am a big advocate for mentorship, as a matter of fact, I credit it for some of the success I have seen over my life. I have a handful of mentors, each working with me to develop different areas of my growth.

For one to get the full value of mentorship, they should be completely present and in control of the process, otherwise you will not achieve the desired outcomes, rather both you and your mentor(s) will end up frustrated.

I recently met with a mentor of mine who helps me from a wealth growth point of view. I informed him of my current growth strategies and opportunities, at the end of the meeting though, I found myself walking away with action points that had nothing to do with my personal growth. He gave great insight and presented amazing opportunities, but none of them were in the direction that I am taking in this area of my life. I quickly realized that taking on the strategies and opportunities given in that
meeting, great as they were, would simply move me further from my goals. I had to say “thank you, but no”. I had to realign my mentor with my goals and channel the session toward my ultimate vision.


If you do not have a clear intention for mentorship, it will not serve you well. Understand that you are the captain of the ship, your mentor serves as an invaluable guide that aids you along the journey.

Here are a few considerations for mentorship:

  • Be clear on your goal(s)

The vision of your life is seen most clearly by you, you must be able to articulate to your mentor what t is that you wish to achieve from being mentored by them.

  • Take initiative

It is the mentee that needs aid from the mentor, not the other way around (though your mentor can also learn from you). It is therefore your responsibility to initiate such relationships and the required encounters that will lead to your development.

  • Stay in control

You are responsible for steering your ship, the mentor will guide you. You cannot abdicate your goals to someone else because firstly, they have their own ships to steer and secondly they may end up taking you in a direction that you did not intend on taking.

  • Commit to the process

I often see mentees leave a mentorship relationship too early, way before they get what they have desired. When you have a solid mentor, some of the growth activities that they give you will not be easy, but when they have your best interest at heart and you are being pushed in the direction of your dreams, stay with the process, it will yield results. Growth is not easy.

  • Be willing to get out of your comfort zone

A great mentor will encourage you to push boundaries and stretch yourself. If you are not willing to leave your comfort zone in pursuit of your dreams, the mentorship will be non beneficial to both parties. Understand though, the difference between getting out of your comfort zone and getting out of your purpose.

I have, through mentorship, experienced exponential growth and avoided costly mistakes. It is such a valuable process when it is done right. It requires you to be fully engaged so that you are not deterred from your ultimate vision. You get from mentorship the same commitment that you give it.

Stay in control of your vision…

Princess Mashamahite
Managing Director: Taelo Administrative Solutions

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