AEC Exclusive Interview: Princess Mashamahite, Chief Executive Officer of TAELO Administrative Solutions, South Africa

Princess Mashamahite, South African-born Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of TAELO Executive VA and First Lady Administration, both Virtual Assistance organizations helping businesses and leaders around Africa outsource and digitalize their administrative tasks.

She also serves as an executive Director of MAHA Group, a black female owned and led transformational training and development organization that she co-founded with her business partner. Their flagship programme SHE IS BOSS AFRICA contributes to raising young female leaders and entrepreneurs on the African continent.

Her non-profit organization, Graceful Leadership Academy, enables her to equip young women with knowledge and skills that develops them into kingdom pioneers who dominate the marketplace.

What was your journey like to get to where you are?

My Journey has been a challenging but fulfilling one. I have been working since the age of nineteen. My biggest passion has always been the development of young women. After a decade in corporate South Africa, venturing into entrepreneurship seemed, to me, to be one of the best ways I would pursue my passion in a way that truly made a difference in the lives of people. It allows me to extend opportunities to the people in my immediate and global community as well as share my knowledge skills and experience.

Does female leadership exist?

Yes it does. For centuries now, due to a variety of reasons, most African families have been led by single women. This is the first and most significant example of female leadership. We see female leadership in a number of pivotal community, political and business initiatives daily, we just have not reached a point where the recognition due to them is given on a consistent basis.


Have you ever felt that you encounter specific obstacles in your career because of your gender?

No I have not, instead, I have used the blessing of being a woman in Africa during the 2st century as an enabler to my success by taking advantage of every opportunity provided to me in society’s current quest to find achieve gender equality.

Do you think you are a role model for other women?

I certainly hope so. Part of the reason I strive towards my goals is to show other women that their dreams too are valid. As Marianne Williamson so eloquently writes “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”.

Is there a gender strategy in your company?

Yes. We intentionally seek female led businesses that we can partner with and we also transfer skill to young women who come from our local community.

Professional, is there someone who inspires you?

I am inspired by the many women who are taking their place in their respective industries. I draw so much from these fellow professionals, many of whom are trailblazers and I use this knowledge to grow myself and my business(es).

Outside the professional world, is there an African figure that particularly inspires you?

Advocate Thuli Madonsela is an absolute inspiration to me. She lives a life that is dedicated to leaving this generation better than she found it.

What do you do to relax after a day’s work?

I spend time with my family, cook and read.

Can conferences such as AEC make a difference for African businesswomen?

They certainly can, particularly in facilitating collaboration among business women around the continent. We all need to work together to change the narrative of the African women.

What kind of girl were you when you were 20 years old?

I was a girl consumed with ambition, education and work. I hardly took time to let my hair down and be with friends or travel.

What is the next country in Africa you want to visit and why?

Nigeria. I love the boldness of Nigerian people and admire their tenacity in business. Nigeria, together with South Africa, are the epicenters of the African economy and I believe that collaboration between the two states could bring massive development on the continent.

Today, are you where you have always wanted to be?

Yes. My biggest desire is to serve God and people. I have the privilege of doing so daily through all the work that I do in the entrepreneurship space, Non-profit organizations and many other platforms that I am honored to be part of.

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